The Monster In Me

I'm Bruce Banner. You may have heard of me. I'm top of my field in anti-electron collisions. Okay, so maybe that's out of your comfort zone. You have heard of my counter-part though. The Hulk. Single-handedly tore down cities and put the world in a scare. But I've got him under control now. Now if only I could figure out how to control (my boyfriend) Tony Stark. Oh didn't I mention him? He's a billionaire and a huge pain in my assiduity. He also kinda has my heart but don't tell him.
He has a big enough head already.

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Message From sweetandstiles-deactivated20130

Yep. Going to have to pick one soon. Either way, congratulations to the two of you. ;] Can't wait for the wedding. Put down me plus one on your guest list. ;]

Thank you. I’ll let Tony know, although I’m pretty sure we both knew you were dragging him along. He’s invited as well anyways. 

Hey Clint? After a lot of thought, I’ve come to a conclusion. I don’t have any friends. Except you. So… You want to be my best man?

Message From teawithturtle

Hi there future Dr. Stark, do you guys already have a date for the wedding?

Hi, Turtle! 

At least for a little while. 

We haven’t set an exact date but Tony assures me that it will be ridiculously and whirlwind fast. So watch for it in the news and we’ll post about it on our blogs, I’m sure. 

Message From ask-bettyross-deactivated201207

Congratulations Bruce! I'm so happy for you.


Wow. Okay. News travels fast. Um, thank you. I’m… really happy. He makes me happy. 

How are you?

Message From Anonymous

Do you and tony ever get hate mail from homo-phobs?

Once, a letter got through, but JARVIS screens most of our email and snail-mail. It does get sent. We just don’t read it if the AI deems it hurtful and/or hateful. 

Message From Anonymous

So you are going to take his last name?

I think we’ve both agreed that I’ll be Bruce Stark. I don’t have much to my name that I’m so proud of I want to keep it. It’s just a tie to my past and well… I’m not the same person I was when I met Tony. So, I’ll take his name. 

Message From sweetandstiles-deactivated20130

Congratulations on the engagement, Doctor. ;] And yes. I will be your best man. Ha ha. Okay, I will settle for groomsman. ;] Tell Stark congrats for me as well. I've got to get back to my man.

Thanks, Clint. We’re pretty pleased with it. 

Oh. I do need a best man… Huh. Hadn’t thought that far ahead. 

Message From thewingedfreac

Hello Doctor Banner! I was speaking with the Captain, wishing him a happy life with Thor, when he told me you and Tony Stark are engaged! This is WONDROUS news! I HAD to come by to tell you that I hope your new life is filled with many years of unconditional love, happiness, and the joyful shreiking of small Banner-Stark's.

We are. Thanks so much. I think. I’m not sure how we’d have Banner-Stark’s running around because we haven’t found a way to successfully create children from two male cells but why not? Science could do it someday. 

I Can Be Your Hero // Truce


Tony grinned as Bruce started to dance with him, being a great sport about it all. He listened as his lover hummed before asking a question. He shrugged and dipped the other. 

“I just felt like doing something special for you. You are more than I deserve and I wanted to show you that in the way I best knew how.” 

He continued to dance and spun the other a few times. It got to the slower part of the song and he spun the other out, when he spun back in, Tony was on his knee and had the box in his hand and the ring showing. 

The music played the line I can be your hero as the music ended. Tony looked into Bruce’s eyes. 

“Bruce. Will you marry me?”



Bruce grinned at the answer he received. “By wining and dining, you mean.” He followed that up with a good-natured chuckle. Tony was who he was and that was the best part of him. Well… he had a pretty gorgeous ass as well. 

They danced a bit more, Tony doing all of the leading and spinning him a few times. The song sounded if it was ending and he spun out once more, knowing he’d be in Tony’s arms for the last few seconds of the song. Only, he wasn’t. 

When he turned back in, Tony was on his knees and staring up at him. Actually, on second glance, he was on one knee and there was a ring in his other hand. Bruce felt his heart skip a beat as he realized exactly what this had all been about. Independence Day had just been an excuse. Tony had been planning tonight for… well, for a while. 

With a bubbling joy, he blurted out the answer. “Yes! Of course I will, Tone.”

They kissed a second later, not even sure which moved first or who came farthest but meeting in the middle and without even breaking the kiss, Bruce could feel Tony slipping the ring firmly into place. It fit perfectly. 

His heart did a little painful twist at the thought of something happening to it when he transformed and then another twist after that at the thought of Tony choosing to be with someone such a monster. 

But even as he thought it, he knew it wasn’t true. Bruce wasn’t a monster, and neither was the hulk. He was a man with a past, with issues, but it made him who he was and brought him to this place right now. A tear slid down his cheek. 

God, Tony was perfection. He’d healed him without him even noticing. And even though he had a way to go until he was perfected himself, Tony was choosing to stay by his side through it all. He chose to deal with every part of him. And that… that was real love. 

"I love you so much, Mr. Stark. You should know that."

A small preening shiver ran through the back of his mind and he mentally patted hulk on the head. Yeah, they were going to be okay. They had pretty shiny man as their own now. 


I’m so, so so so sorry. I have a ridiculous amount of stuff to do for the next week and we were trying to get the proposal done before we had to leave. We got as far as the question and then it was out the door. I feel completely terrible so I’m going to let you know what his answer is RIGHT NOW.

Bruce says…. YES. Go figure. XD

I probably won’t be able to reply to the para until friday night but I’ll try. But even though we won’t be able to complete it tonight, the proposal is actually TONIGHT. So feel free to congratulate our boys in the next hours/days. It’s official!!



I can be your Hero - scene from tonystarkenterprise’s and meandthegreenguy’s para.


ooc: tuuuuuuuuuurtle. it’s perfection. 



I can be your Hero - scene from tonystarkenterprise’s and meandthegreenguy’s para.



ooc: tuuuuuuuuuurtle. it’s perfection.